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This framed exhibition has 60 small sized photos, half of which are taken by Todd Drake and the other by Palestinian youth.  Two video and an audio recording sharing morning sounds of East Jerusalem and first person narratives from Palestinians round out this exhibition. This exhibition has been exhibited internationally and at colleges like Western Carolina University, Guilford College,  and the University of South Carolina- Upstate. 

PDF of all images available on request. See selection of images at 


Muslim Self Portraits

This framed exhibition has 18 large portraits (20 x 30 inches with matting and black frames) Each work comes with a narrative panel that provides context for the image. This show can either include Muslim-American and Middle Easter Muslim portraits or focus on either exclusively. This show has been booked at NYU, Rhode Island School of Design and many other venues. View full series here.


Museo de Indocumentados / Museum of the Undocumented

This exhibition is media rich with 13 framed photos, objects, video, and installation art. In addition, opportunities from the undocumented to add their own items to the "museum" exhibition are possible including photos of places they have built or serviced, or loved one they have lost to border crossing. These images and objects were first shown at NC A & T State University as part of the HELP: Hidden Work, Hidden Lives Exhibition. 


A Journey Like Us 

This exhibition features the portraits of high school students from diverse backgrounds. Currently, the exhibition features at rural and urban risk youth including undocumented, immigrant, and Muslim-American students, LGBT students, and the homeless. 

Check out this article on the project. 


Digital Photography

Todd Drake has 17 years experience teaching at the college level and has taught photography and other studio classes all over the world and to all ages and skill levels. Whether teaching non-artists how to better use their smart phone camera, or master classes with photography majors, Drake can customize a curriculum to meet your learning community's needs. 


Activating your social activist art practice

Do you have a group of students that you want to help become more socially aware and active? Bring Todd Drake in to create fun and content filled art like silkscreen T-shirts that have a social activist message. A great activity for artists and non-artists interested in learning visual communication skills.


Art and Social Activism

Drake can speak on his provocative work, on engaging art made by other contemporary social practice artists, or both. Drake's speaking style captures a group's attention through memorable narratives and compelling imagery.

Visiting Artist:

Critiques, Master Classes

Drake is experienced offering critiques to college and graduate programs. Multi-day  or semester long visiting artist arrangements are available. 

" This has been one of the best experiences for our students, for they have been given an opportunity to learn about themselves and photography. We have been given an outlet for our students that will hopefully be carried into other classes and continue throughout future years. We hope to be able to bring Todd Drake back into our school for future opportunities, as well. Our students need and deserve to be seen and heard, as well as to learn how to advocate for themselves through visual images." 

                                                                                                                 -- Principal Loretta Rowland-Kitley

Contact Sarah Ladd for booking information. 

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